with a maximum teaching ratio of 2 to 1, In this Intamate location based workshop we delve into the world of the long exposure, adding a 4th dimension to the narative of still photography

This workshop is delivered with a practical hands on methodology ( no death by powerpoint presentations ), in which you will be shown how to manipulate your cameras perception of time, making elements of the image stand out or indeed disapear all together, amongst other topics we will cover pre-visualisation, reciprocity, and advanced colour theory.

this class is suitable for analog and digital cameras that have a manual (M) mode.

Although one of the main focuses is getting it perfect in camera, we will finish the class in a coffee shop with a review/critique of the evenings digital images and a look at using photoshop to post produce and stack multipul exposures.

This is an intermediate/ advanced course aimed at those with a sound knowledge of basic photography and some of there cameras operations although most topics could be grasped by a keen beginner it is recommended you have completed photography 101 first 

You will need a tripod and a film or digital camera you can take manual control of, 


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