How would you define your working style

Relaxed: on your wedding day the most important thing is for you and your guests to feel at ease and be able to enjoy the moment while letting me take care of the photography


Will you ask us to pose

There are times when it is best to let things unfold naturally allowing the spontaneity of the moment to shine through and other times where some gentle direction can be comforting, we won't make you pose if the situation doesn't require it


Film or digital

Both: having grown up developing film in my Fathers darkroom I love everything about film, even the smell, but at the same time I love digital too. As the technology matured while I was a student I was able to make 3000 shots a day without worrying about the processing costs..   each has its merits in different situations. Now I view camera and film choice  like a painter choosing which brush to use next... that being said the truly important things in life are shot on film be that the latest Star Wars film or indeed your wedding :) [thats right in 2017 when you have access to the latest and greatest digital equipment and the financial might of Disney... when the chips are down -you shoot it on film-]  after all who is going to find some oldest stick in the attic in 50 years and be able to open it? whereas some negatives just simply need to be held up to the light. 


Minimum/maximum wedding size

I have had the privilege of photographing everything from huge weddings with 500 guests to intimate elopements where I was also the witness, I can either work alone or create a bespoke production team according to your needs


is there a lot of waiting around while lights are setup

No, you and your guests are treated like royalty not models: if we are setting up studio lighting for a specific shot then my production team will take care of this, like any magazine shoot you and your guests will simply walk on set have an epic formal group shot taken and 2 minuets later you'll return to the party before your missed


How far would you travel

Anywhere! besides taking photos its one of my favourite things to do, and our fixed travel fees are all inclusive


How long are you there for

 We do prefer to be there for the whole weekend - from sunrise to the afterparty- but coverage can start from 6 hours 


How many weddings do you shoot a year

when I first started I was shooting 100+ weddings a year I now cap my weddings at 10 per year as this allows me to put my all into your day


Who is your dream client

A couple who value my creative vision and allows me the honour of making art while they make memories


How would you describe your wedding photography style

Fine art/editorial: Authentic timeless elegance with a cinematic undertone


When I google you I see you ran a Groupon is this something you will be doing again

No, when I first started in wedding photography I wanted to do as many weddings as possible to build my portfolio and hone my vision so I ran a crazy promotion where I shot over 100 weddings in that year, met some wonderful couples, made zero profit, almost burned out and had a blast in the process, now I have done my 10000 hours of wedding photography and have three children my time is precious, as such the number of commisions I take on each year is limited leaving no room for crazy working for free wedding discounts in the name of my portfolio



To quote a recent client

"well its more than a selfie stick... but absolutely worth it"  

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Whats the best way to enquire

via email: or the contact form here